Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gloomy Saturday off to a Good Start

I usually look forward to my weekends.  Weekends are very important to me.  THis is Saturday is rather gloomy, it looks like it wants to rain, I know there is supposedly rain in the forecast for Sunday.  Despite the gloominess of the weather I did make it out for a walk this morning!  It was struggle though, I really didn't want to go!

I walked around the forum, completed 3 laps and at the end of each lap I did 50 crunches and finished out the workout with some stretching.  So overall not a bad gig.  I accidentally stopped my Endomondo Tracker before the workout was over, but the 3 laps at the forum is about 2.25 miles. 
Here is the workout summary:

That is all or now...hopefully I can get another workout in and maintain good eating habits for the day so the workouts are not for nothing!  Happy Saturday!


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