Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whole Body Vibrations

Hmm...I am sure many are puzzled by the title, but fret not I will explain.  These last couple of days I have ventured out to try something new.  I saw a special on Truebates for Whole BOdy Vibrations sessions at ChiroMassage Centers.  I honestly don't know much about what it does, but I know they say one of hte benefits is weight I had to try it!  I took my first session on Friday.  It was a bit ackward at first feeling every part of me shake and vibrate like crazy!  I could even see my checks shaking!  I have 7 sessions so I will see how this goes.

I am still struggling with my eating.  I am making some bad eating choices, which I don't understand.  I undo all my physical excercise by making bad food choices!  Oye!  When will I learn! 

Today, I had another awesome rowing class!  And by awesome, I mean, hard as hell!  LOL!  Man it was a tough session.  I wanted to quit 20 minutes into class and in addition to having bad cramps, I was struggling.  But I made it through, I am not sure how, but I did.  I tracked my meters today and I did 7314 meters, which is about 4.5 miles.

So my distance is getting better, and I noticed my split times are getting better.  Well that is all I have for now.  I am just laying here on my heating pad waiting for hte advil to kick in and take my back pain & cramps away.


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