Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quick Recap of Tuesday March 6th

Well this morning juicing adventure was not too pleasant.  I overslept, but I was determined to juice before I left the house.  In my rush I made many many mistakes, and a huge mess!  I had such a rough time and after all my struggles, I left my juice at home! Today I did attempt to juice 2 juices this morning.  The first juice was my normal, apple & celery.  Then I did Apple & Beets. Surprisingly, the apple & beets is pretty tasty, I have never been a fan of beets, but I tihnk I like better juiced than eating the veggie.

     White chocolate Latte

Mid Am Snack
     Cup of Peach Detox Tea

     Black Beans
     Chicken Breast

Mid Afternoon Snack
     Cup of Ginger Tea

     Chicken Breast
     1 Tomato

Workout - skipped I was being lazy!


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