Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekly Recap...

Sometimes keeping up with this blog is such a task!  The week has gotten away from me.  I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week I have not been able to juice.  So I am trying to stick to my salads and healthy eating.  My workouts have been side tracked by some crappy weather!  I only got to do water aerobics and I went for a little walk today!  I have really fallen in love with water aerobics!  The instructor of my water aerobics class also teaches swimming.  So I wonder if I remember how to swim?  Does one forget after learning?

I am excited for the days ahead, no particular reason but I am.  I have spent some time this week budgeting and trying to get my finances in order.  As I tackle health, I must also tackle my credit scores!  Boy they are horrendous.  I am have been running around blinly spending money unnecesarily.  I had no idea how much I was paying for cable or how much some of my utility bills were!  So it is financial dieting time.  I was able to switch my cable plan to save on the monthly payment.  Little by little I will do better on my finances. 

Today I went to a farmers market.  On my juicing venture, many people say farmers market prices are cheaper than grocery stores.  Well that is so not the case here in Los Angeles.  Everything that I would normally by from Sprouts or Food for Less was higher at the Farmers Market!  I need to find a way to juice in a cost effective way.  I think I may have to do some smoothies, at least that way I can do frozen fruits, which I can buy in bulk.

Well I don't have muc more to report.  But I am happy that I got outside and got a nice walk in.  So here is my Endomondo route:

That's all for now!



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