Monday, March 5, 2012

Jacked up Day...But Juicing Begins!

Well folks I will start with hte drama of the day!  Eww.
  1. A friends 17 year old nephew got shot in the head today.
  2. A friend had a court date today regarding getting her kids back and that did not got well.  Friend is upset and back doing her thang.  Sad!
I know all things happen for a reason, we all have a choice.  But it still affects me to see people hurting especially when a child is lost.  Heavy day!

I am happy to report this is my first day every juicing twice in the day!  The day did not go as I planned, but with all things, I know I will have this perfected and planned out to a tea.  My goal for the upcoming 7 days is to Juice my breakfast and Dinner.  Eat lunch which will consist of salad, and if I have the munchies juice if am able or eat fruit & veggies. 

Day 1 of this little plan did not go according to schedule! I juiced this morning before gong to work, but consumed all the juice before leaving the house.  But by 10am I had kicked up such a hunger and had no fruits or veggies with me at work...I ended up eating, girl scout cookies, coffee, and ritz crackers!  I got an F on my first day!

My breakfast juice receipe was my staple drink...Celery & apples!
I juiced for dinner another detox recipe which is my first time trying.  Apple & beets.
The recipe called for 1/2 beet and 3 apples.
I really really hate beets, so I was a bit iffy about this, but the juice actually taste good!  And it has a cool purple color!  Ha Ha!  That is all I have for you tonight, I am tired and it's way pass my bed time. Talk to you later!
Beet & apple juice


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