Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation Kill the Kit Kat Tapeworm!

Well gang today, Wednesday April 25th, was kill the Tapeworm day!
I was talking to my sister last night, and I was telling her how I was going to do a detox today since I have been craving all these weird things.  To keep this short, I told her how everyday for maybe the last week, I have been craving Kit Kats.  And I don't eat just a normal size Kit Kat, I eat the King Size Bar!  In the conversation, I told her I think I had a tapeworm that craves only Kit Kats!  I have a Kit Kat Tapeworm!  LOL!  Just had to share that so you can understand the blog title!

So the day did not go 100% as intended with the detox.  But nonetheless, I think my digestive tract and some time to recoup and flush itself.  I started the detox on Tuesday night with my Liver Detox drops in my smoothie.  By 8am, I was already in the bathroom.  My stomach and inward parts were grumbling and making all kinds of strange noises!  By 10am, I had already made 2 trips to the bathroom.  Some kind of reaction was going on inside of me!

So here is how the eating went for the day:

2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Berry Smoothie (the frozen berry mix, apple juice, 2 drops full of the Liver Detox Tonic, and one drop dull of Liquid Vitamin B Complex)
White Chocolate Latte
My Confession:  I really really tried, not to go get coffee, but I did!

Mid Morning Snack:
Herbal Teas  I seaped a bag of Yogi Peach Detox Tea and Wellments Daily Detox Tea, a little honey, and the juice of one lemon.
Ate an apple

Salad..Lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cheese, and Albacore tuna w/ my own homemade dressing (details later)

Mid Afternoon/Pre-Workout Snack
an apple

After Workout Snack
Some baby carrots, I didn't count them

Another Berry Smoothie(like this morning, except no Vitamin B Complex)

50 minutes of Spinning
15 minutes of treadmill (something came over me, I got on the treadmill after spin class...CRAZINESS)

The Homemade Dressing Story...
Lunch time comes and I realize I had no salad dressing!  I asked some people at work for dressing and I was offered a some Raspberry Vinagrette.  It looked a little strange, but I said made it needed to be shaken.  I shook it up and the lumps didn't go away.  I started looking for an expiration expired March 26, 2012.    So that was a no go.

Well I have a small bottle of olive oil & I had my Apple Cider Vinegar at teh office, so I made my own dressing! Used some Olive Oil, the vinegar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice and voila...Salad Dressing!  It was pretty tasty!  I amaze myself! 

The day is almost over and for right now, I am feeling okay. I don't know if the tapeworm is dead, but I may  try this tomorrow.  I shall see how I feel in the morning.  I will drink another cup of Detox tea before I go to bed.  I will be up for a few more hours, its Criminal Minds and Hot in Cleveland Night.  But so far, I have drank 104 ounces of water, and  had 3 trips to the bathroom.  So that is all for now.  Talk to you later!


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