Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recouping Thursday...

Today was an okay day.  I slept so wonderfully last night!  I was slept so well, I went to bed at about 9:30pm on Wednesday and got up at 5:10am Thursday morning.  I slept soundly throughout the night.  Didn't even hear my alarm which is set to go off at 4am go off!  I felt rested, but rushed.  So my day started a bit rushed.

I also woke up with a hunger like you wouldn't believe.  So breakfast was a bit monsterous for me today, and so was lunch for that matter!  Dinner was light..thankfully! 

Today was the first training session for the Cycle for LA's Best fundraising event.   The training session was held at the David Barton Gym in Santa Monica.  I was so confused, it was a bit hard to get to for my first time.  Not too many signs and I parked in the wrong place, so part of it was my own error.  But this gym looks newer and nicer than the gym in Century City!  I made my way to the Spin Room and well the bikes...not so great.  They are old, rusted and they had a mixture of Schwinn bikes with the Spinner NXT bikes.  The first bike I got one creaked (is that a word) when I would stand on it.  So I switched to another bike. I loved the set up of this spin room, I had never been in a spin class where the bikes were on tiered levels.  That was kinda cool to experience.  The room though was hot.  I don't do well with heat.  I had just about already broke out into a sweat just adjusting the bike it was so hot!  I wonder if they have air conditioning.  Anywho the class itself was great.  The instructor Chelsea, was very good.  Very involved!  I like her!  The next training session is on Saturday and the fundraising event is actually on May 5th.  If you would like to support me, please make a donation on my fundraising page...

Okay so on to the food eating for the day...

     Smoothie (frozen berries, 2 drops full of Liver Detox, 1 tablespoon Pysllium Husk, Apple juice)
     4 hard boiled eggs (yikes)
     Regular White chocolate Latte (normally I would get the large, so this is a downsize for me)
     Cheese Danish

No Mid Morning Snack - after all I ate for breakfast there was no need to eat anything else.

     Salad w/ salsa for dressing
     Chicken Pasta Salad

No Mid Afternoon Snack

     Couple pieces of left over chicken from lunch

     45 minutes of Indoor Cycling

I think that may be it for tonight.  Maybe another cup of detox tea before going to bed..but I think I will lay low for th rest of the night.


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