Monday, April 2, 2012

New Juices...New Loves!!

I have not posted in a while! Oh Oh! But my adventure in juicing continues. I still think this juicing this is expensive, but it is so good and I feel the difference, I have more energy and my skin looks remarkable!

This past week I experiment with new juices some I love, some I don't. And I cooked a couple days! I have been so stuck on salads and chicken that I have not cooked a meal in ages! So let me start with the meal that I cooked. I had a taste for some fish. So I bought some Cod and Baked it. The first meal was cod with sauteed spinach, the other time, it was Cod with broccoli. Both were excellent and a welcome change of pace!

So now my adventures in Juicing! I will start with the juice I love the most! Which in all honesty is a tough choice, there are 2 juices that I enjoy alot, but I will give the title of favorite to.....Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, & Ginger! I found this surprisingly on you tube. It is supposed to help remove toxins from the lymph system. So I made the juice the recipe:

1 Grapefruit
2 Orange
1 lime
piece of ginger
It is is now my morning juice!

My next favorite juice, which was my first favorite until discovering the Grapefruit/Orange Spinach & Apples! This one I really didn't measure anything out, but I think it was a bunch of spinach and 2 apples. I had a few leaves of kale that I threw in there and it was really delightful!

And my least favorite juice..cucumbers, apples & ginger. It was okay..not nasty. I was able to drink it and get it down. But not the most flavorful thing out there. So that is my adventures in juicing this week. I am enjoying juicing...I love that I am finding things that I like!

Now I gotta find something to do with carrots. THey were on sale and I bought 2 bags...Any suggestions anyone? I think its google time!


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