Monday, April 16, 2012

Run Your Butt Off: Taking it to the Streets

Well not to sound all prideful...but I am proud of myself today!

Today is PMS day one...and I feel horrible! Before I left work I cancelled at the Arthritis Foundation, I just was not in the mood, I feel like my insides are being ripped out. I feel nauseated, sleepy, and all those wonderful symptoms that I get on a monthly basis. On my may home all I could think of was lying down and sleeping. But much to my surprise...something motivated me to get home, change my clothes and go for a walk! Miracles...they really do happen.

So I grabbed all my, Ipod, watch, water bottle, etc and decided to take my Run Your Butt Off Program outside. Since the weather has been iffy I had been doing the whole program on the treadmill in the gym So this is my first attempt at running outside!

So here is my workout courtesy of my lovely Endomondo App.

Some Quick stats:
Avg Speed: 3.3mph
Max Speed: 4.0 mph
Distance: 2.15 Miles
Workout Time: 39 minutes

Now there are good and bad to the results: I completed more miles than I ever have on the treadmill...but DAMN IT WAS HARD AS HELL! Oh Goodness it was such a struggle running outdoors! My legs felt like lead and even though on Stage 4 - I could run for 3 minutes on the treadmill..outdoors I only did 2. I felt like I was gonna die!

One thing I will do differently on my next outdoor adventure is finding a flat route. Unfortunately in my neighborhood, I'm on a hill so I had many uphill battles and only 1 downhill break!

I am glad I tried it outdoors now I think I should maybe alternate my days 2 days on the treadmill, 2 days outdoors? I gotta figure something out, the treadmill is really not simulating the outdoor running experience. But none the less, I have a starting point which I can work from!


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