Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Did It Take

This was a different weekend for me. I didn't do much at all. It was a lazy weekend, but a much needed weekend.

This weekend I spent alot of time around people that for some reason or another wants to lose weight. Times like these I just listen. I listen to the things people say they are struggling with, what they want to accomplish, what they are gonna do and not gonna do. You know all the normal and typical stuff we say when we want to lose weight. As much as I understand every comment that was made, and even though I can relate to everything being said, it made me think. What Did It Take for me to be committed to the idea of weight loss?

I don't in any way shape for form, dare to say I have conquered this journey. I certainly have not. I struggle DAILY, yes DAILY, with my eating and excercising. But what made me want to stop? What cause me to be more conscience about my health and well being.

I really do sit back and think what was it? I can't pin point any particular answer, but I know that I had gotten to a point of complete unhappiness and frustration with myself. Before I got to attempting to eating healthy and excercising, I did attempt to have lap band surgery and backed out of it. To this day I still get phone calls from collections agency for money for some pre-op stuff I had to get done before the lap band surgery. I promise you I regret the day, I went to meet with those doctors about Lap Band. It still haunts me! But I am glad I did not do it. Why? It just don't believe it was for me. There is a price to pay for every decision made, and I am to the point where I knew that lap band would have been a mistake for me. I wanted to lose weight, but I was not ready to switch or change my eating habits.

The power of choice is awesome! What we choose today will affect our futures. Every choice shapes our tomorrow. Every choice can take us one step closer to our goals or it can take us 2 steps further away from our goals. We can choose to stay unhealthy and unhappy or we can choose to change. well...scary! The life of the unknown is intimidating. It brings up fear and lots of insecurities and lots of uncertainites. But risks are worth taking..especially if the goal is positive and rewarding! And isn't a life of health and wellness a positive and rewarding goal? Isn't the feeling of loose clothing awesome? Isn't the feeling of not being winded when you walk for 20 minutes...just so exciting? Ladies and Gentlemen who may read this, the reward of weight loss is just not a number on a scale. Remember that! Think about the way your body feel, the new found energy you have. The inches off your waist, your hips, your bust, and even your thighs. The inner strength you gain and the physical abilities that you gain!

Even now...I cherish the small victories along my weight loss journey. I was so excited the day when I could sit in the pedicure chair and get both arms of the chair down! It was truly a first in years! And that moment of victory was worth more than any number on a scale!

The day I couldn't get through the turn style at Magic embarrasing moment. My second trip to Magic Mountain maybe 3 months later...I could get through the turn style! Another happy moment! Another moment cherished greater than a fluctuating number on a scale!

And even earlier this week, when I attempted to run outdoors! I did it! Something I could not do a year ago! Another moment to cherish, another memory that can never be taken away.

Cherish those moments! These are the moments and memories that remain! The scale goes up and the scale goes down! But Cherish the Memories along the journey! And continue to take one step at a time! Stay encouraged...I say that to myself and to anyone who may read this. Stay encouraged.


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