Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been decieved!

I searching for an all natural protein powder I ran across a product called Garden of Life Raw Protein.  I looked at reveiwas online and all these people said it was so good.  Some people even suggested making it with almond milk.  So me being hopefully bought the protein powder on friday and even bought some almond milk.   On Saturday I mixed the protein powder as instruction.  1 scoop w/ 8 ounces of water or other beverage.  I used the almond milk. 

I could not even get the powder to mix into the milk.  Problem #1.  So I added more milk, that helped a little.  Then I wen to go taste it.  I felt like I was drinking liquid chalk.  Problem #2.  I ended up having to throw the whole thing down the drain!  It was horrible.  So me being the thinker that I am said.  Maybe if I use less powder and blended it with a banana it would taste better.

So brilliant me is at work today.  I bust out my blender, my protein powder and my almond milk and get to working my magic.  I blended it up and stuck in the freezer.  I am almost able to get anything down if its nice and cold.  Here it is almost noon and I went to pull the protein shake out of the freezer.   Granted it does taster better cold, with less powder, adn more liquid, but it still has a horrible after taste! 

This is the last time I listen to reveiws on!


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