Thursday, January 27, 2011

A crazy day of sorts

I never saw the day coming when I would just be so irritated, frustrated and downright mad at everything!  But it happened, and that was the kinda of day I had on Thursday January 26,2011!  So now that I have made my emotional state known you can only imagine what my eating was let's get at it! 

Breakfast (started off good)
     White chocolate Latte
      Scrambled eggs w/ lentils & spinach

Mid AM Snack
     Greek Yogurt

Mid Am Snack #2
     Bag of Cheetos

Mid Am Snack #3
     Bag of Doritos

     Roast Beef Sandwich, a pickle, rootbeer

     Jack in the Box:  2 tacos & 4 chicken fingers

Much to my surprise I did go walk after work.  I ventured over to a new spot that I have been wanting to try.  I don't know the distance, but I walked for 40 minutes.  I went to this little park in Culver City off of Jefferson & Duquesne (sp?)  I walked around the park once and it took about 12 minutes.  It's a very small park.  So I decided to start walking down Jefferson.  As I was walking down Jefferson, I stumbled upon a spot with a big sign that said  Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Trail.  So I went up it.  And why in the world did I do that?  Oh my goodness the thing was all hills!  I was up so high I could see the ocean!  Needless to say I was exhausted.  But I do want to try the trail again and take a camera with me.  The views from the top are wonderful!



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