Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Veggie Day #1 - Monday January 3rd

I can't rememebr if I mentioned or not, but in an attempt to break my eating I am doing 2 weeks of eatting vegetables.  Today was my first day.  I started this off my cooking alot of veggies on Sunday night and plated them up in those divided plates.   In addition to my veggie dishes, we are fasting from 8am - noon liquids only. These blogs probably won't be too exciting over the next few weeks, but I am still gonna write them. 

     Banana (eaten before I left the house)
     Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that a banana is not a vegetable nor is it liquid! 
     White Chocolate Latte

     Veggie Plate (Brussel Sprouts, Black Beans, Yellow Squash)

Then I got home, and I was hit with a serious case of the munchies.  So here are the munchies that got munched.
     3 Hershey Kisses
     1 pc of Godiva Chocolate
     1 banana

On the upside I did drink 64 ounces of water.  I am starting to feel a little under the weather so I did no excercise, but that will change today, I promise! 



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