Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Recap

WOW.  My apologies, When I got home last night, blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.  So here I am blogging to you today.  Monday was a decent day.  I have not been keeping my calorie & fiber log, but I know yesterday was a high fiber day.  Things were flowing..ohhh wee.   Well let's get to the important stuff.

     White Chocolate Latte
      Scrambled eggs w/ lentils & spinach

     Veggie Plat (Broccoli, Brussell Sprouts, Lentils, Ground Turkey)
     20 ounce bottle of Pepsi

     Pollo Bowl from El Pollo Loco

Water Drinking was low today...I only had about 4 glasses of water.  But I will up that today so I can help get some of this "fiber" out of me!  As you know Monday is weigh in day.  I was only down 1 pound.  Nothing for me to worry about.  I always feel like PMS time teh scales are never pleasant.  But such is life. 

Workout - an attempt to push myself
Did another 30 minute stint on the treadmill.  Still doing walk/jog intervals.  I pushed myself today and did 2 jog intervals at 5mph!  And good greif I felt it in my legs and abs as the day progressed. 
Calories burned: 389.2; distance 1.83.  I am still aiming to make 2 miles in my 30 minutes.  I should stop being so lazy and walk faster on the walk intervals!  :0)  That will be next week's area for improvement.

Talk to you later!



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