Monday, September 19, 2011

99% Recooperated...ready to get back at it

I know I have been silent all weekend.  It was a busy and tiring weekend!  Saturday I spent all day with a friend for her birthday.  Good times were had.  We had lunch, did a little shopping, watched a movie!  Sigh...its the most I have done since I got sick!   So it was a bit tiring for me, I must admit. 

So let me talking about my shopping....I got a skirt and a pair of tall boots from the avenue!    I was gonna show you pictures, but the Avenue website is not allowing me to steal the pictures so here are the links:

Boots: Purchased in Black

Skirt:  Purchased in Gray

I also got a nice turquoise top from Kohl's!  I am loving Turquoise.  I was very surprised, I was able to get into a size 1X!  

While I was Avenue I feel in love with a coat.  $80...but I loved it!  So I am going to use the coat as a motivator.  When I lose 25 more pounds, I will treat myself to the coat!

Now that I am almost 100% over my cold.  Its time to buckle back down with my eating and my workout schedule.  Tuesday will be my first day back with Jen, I will look at teh 24hr Group Class schedule and see what I can get myself into this week.  Expect to see my workout calendar updated by the end of the day!

Well that is all I have to share right now, gotta get back to work!  Tata!


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