Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Under the Weather...

Man..I really hate being sick. This all started on Tuesday and has progressed to something really bad.  Today I feel absolutely horrible.  When I got out of the bed this morning I was light headed & dizzy, I could barely make it into the restroom to take a shower.  So I went back into bed.  Sent a text message to work that I would be late.  I really had a rough time this morning, I rolled out of bed at 9am and made myself come to work.

So sorry to any or all of my real and or imaginary blog readers, I have nothing to really report.  I have not been to my personal training sessions, have not been to spin class, I just don't have the strength or energy to workout.  I have very little appetite, I've been drinking tea, orange juice, water, soup and that is about it. 

Today though I think a visit to the doctor is in order cause I fell horrible, and I mean horrible.  I am not much of a doctor person, I really don't go to doctors, but I really feel that bad. 


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