Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Mania!

Yesterday was such a long day for me.  I am glad, yet very surprised I made it through the day!  Went to work, went to the Arthritis Foundation and had a workout with Jen....totalled up as a total of 16 hours!  There really is not enough hours in the day!

Breakfast:     Scrambled eggs, scrambled with Spinach & mushrooms

Mid Am Snack:  Gala Apple

Lunch:  Kale Salad

Mid Afternoon Snack:   Isopure Vanilla Protein Shake

Dinner:  I think it was a southwest Salad (it was provided @ the Arthritis Foundation)  & a can of sprite

Workout:  30 minute with Jen

And then lastly I finished the day, with much need sleep!  :0)

That's all for now, catch ya later!


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