Thursday, September 15, 2011

An unexpected Incidental!

Hmmm...not sure how to start of talking about this topic of the day.  So Let me start with my eats.

Pre-Breakfast Eats:     Druid Detox Drink from Leaf Organics

Breakfast:    Asiago Bagel from Panera Bread; Black Coffee w/ cream

Lunch:     Chicken Noodle Soup from Saboral in the Century City Mall

Dinner:      Chicken (a whole lot of chicken)

Again, no workouts or physical activity.  Which in all honesty seems to be the best.  When I get home I take my meds and get to bed and I am resting very well! 

So the unexpected incidental!  After having breakfast, and just to point it out, I was at work.  All of a sudden, I had to "go"  It came some quickly I had to run rapidly to the bathroom, which unfortuantely is on the other side of the building!  So I had an incident at the office!  Thankfully, no one was in the restroom, so I could clean up myself and the bathroom stall! 

So after 2 days of detox drinks from Leaf Organics...believe me when I tell ya...They Work! 


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