Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terrible Tuesday...

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have had in a while.  I know I am hard on myself..but I fell face first off the bandwagon.  THe day started bad and ended bad.  I can't think of anything good that happened yesterday, except for the fact that I survived the day!

The first Irritant of the Day:  WORK!
I know this will sound petty, but I get to work 6:30am.  I log into my computer..get into my email, ya know the normal morning routine.  As I am checking my email, I have an email from my boss, saying Client X called and wanted to know the amount of her distribution.  He ends the email with, can you check on that and call them back to clarify.  Now, this is 2011 and everything is electronic and automated, with the stroke of maybe 10 keys he could have looked up the distribution amount and told it to the client.  Are we really that incompetent? 

When we need transactions and things completed at work we have to enter what we call a case.  I had entered a case to change a fee on an account.  THen out of the blue another trust officer from NY called asking me about my case.  I am stunned cause I'm thinking why is it that she even knows about my case, is she checking the items I submit?  But anyways, she continues to tell me my case is incorrect and that I need to do something else.  Mind you 2 weeks ago I submitted the same type of case on another account the same way and had no issues. 

The issues at worked continued all day!  It was none stop. It just made all those feelings of hating my job resurface.  I really dislike being there, and I wish I did not have to be.  

Next Irritant of the Day:  Lunch
Today was a co-worker (Bill) birthday.  We decided to treat him to lunch and got some pies for hte office.  So off Israel & I go to pick up the food from Apple Pan down near Pico/Westwood.  We get to the restaurant they are still putting the food together, the handed us the 3 pies and a big old box full of stuff.  So off we go back to the office.  We start unpacking all the food and my order is missing and so is Bills!  So Israel gets on the phone and tells them we are missing 2 orders.  So back into the car we go retrieve our missing lunches.  Got back to the office with my was the most disappionting burger and the fries were nasty!  I needed comfort food and I was so hoping that the burger and fries would have hit the spot, but no such luck!

Sidebar:  As I write this I am reminded of one good thing, My dear friend at work Iris, brought me Pico De Gallo

I got home, and I just felt so so defeated.  I hated work, hated that I even had to go back.  I sat on the couch and even though I knew I should be changing to go to spin class @ 5:30p, I just didn't want to do it.  I just wanted to wallow in my sadness and I did.  At about 7pm I told myself to go get a pedicure.  Pedicures to me are very relaxing.  I like the massage chairs at the salon I go to.  So that was my relaxation for the evening.

Next Irritant of the Day:  Water
On my way to the salon I stopped at 7-11 to get cash and I wanted a drink, so I got a 1-liter bottle of water.  I at some point, did not screw the top of the water bottle back on, and guess what, the whole bottle of water spilled in my car!  Everything was soaked! 

All in all a bad day for me.  Glad it over, and I hope today has something better in store for me.


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