Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Day I Celebrate a victory

Two weeks of being sick and not eating like I should be eating was enough to just throw my body into shock I guess.  Today...I was really really back on track.  Back on track with my eating and back on track with excercising.    Mid morning I was just starving, even after I ate my Mid AM Snack.  I was HUNGRY!  I just kept chugging away at my water to fill up my tummy.  Things were better once I ate lunch.  It felt really good (yet painful) to be back working out with my Trainer Jen.  I have 4 months until year end...and I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to lose 50 more pounds by then. 

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with mushroom, coffee

Mid Am Snack:  Granny Smith Apple

Lunch:  Rotisserre Chicken with Veggies

Mid Afternoon Snack:  1/2 Cucumber

Dinner:  1 slice of Cheese White Pizza (no tomato sauce)

Workout:  30 Min Personal Training with Jenny Rockets!  It was a rough workout!

So my victory celebration...I was able to wear my favorite royal blue blouse!  I had bought the blouse over 3 years ago.  I have not worn it in 2 years cause I had put on so much weight!  Today I wore it proudly!  It really is my favorite blouse!

September 20, 2011

Well that is all for tonight.  See ya tomorrow!



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