Wednesday, February 8, 2012

15: The Defeated Number

Yesterday I had a check-in with my Weight Loss Coach.  Reality hit me as I was talking to her.  As I told her my current weight, which was mind kinda wondered off...I am 15 pounds away from getting under 300 pounds!  I'm oh so close!  I can see the victory, I can taste the victory, I want the victory.

I got up this morning and looked and my weight loss history on here and the last time I was this close to getting under 300 was in October 2011 and I was at about 319 according to my blog.  But I also remember Life between October - December was HELL!  The cares of life and my personal situation sidetracked me from staying focus.  I stopped excercising and I was eating crazy!

Here I am again...Round 2..standing on the brink of a break through!  I'm ready to go no holds barred...It's time to defeat those 15!  Are you with me?


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