Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Wednesday Already!

Is it me or is this week flying by?  It is already Wednesday, so I have missed 2 days of blogging already!  Oh my!  I honestly don't have anything exciting to report. Same old stuff, just a different day!

I am excited for water aerobics tonight.  Got my gear together!  I am looking forward to it. 

Since 2012 is moving quickly ahead with or without me, I was thinking man, It's already March and I have not touched anything on my Undertakings List!  I need to get to work.  One thing I am looking forward to is the upcoming time change.  I don't know the exact weekend its happening, but I am looking forward to extra daylight hours once I get off of work.  Once that time changes, I know the weather will be changing also, and that mean, more outside time for me!  Yah!  I am getting all excited again! 

In case anyone is wondering, me and the Kindle are doing very well!  That is all for now!  Tata!



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