Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water Wednesdays

I want to first say, it has been unusually cold.  Brrr!
Well today overall was a good day.  I had some sweet cravings earlier in the day and indulged in some Girl Scout Cookies. 

     White Chocolate Latte

Mid AM Snack

     Cabbage Salad

Mid Afternoon Indulgence
     1 can of coke
     Girl Scout shortbread cookies

   Chicken & Spinach

     1 hour of water aerobics
I want to say that I love the class!  I also want to say I was extremely nervous before class!  I was seriously flooded with negative thoughts right before the classs! I had thoughts that I would drown, that I wouldn't be able to do it, that I would slip and fall.  I was really scared!  One good thing that came out of class, is that I remember how much I loved being in the water.  When I was little I loved swimming at the beach, and I remember a house that we had had a pool in the backyard and I loved being in that pool!  I love affair with water has been re-kindled!


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