Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Shmatterday

I know its unusual for me to post on the weekend.  But Yesterday was a different day for me.  Not too different but I had a truly amazing time rowing!  I wrote down the meters I rowed at Saturdays class and I rowed a half mile more than I did back in August 2012.  Not bad for not taking class for 6 months! I really do enjoy those rowing classes!

So here is the eats for the day.  My eating schedule was way off.  I didn't get to put anything but an apple into my mouth until about 8am.  Then loaded up on protein after rowing that morning...but none the less, not a bad eating day.

     7-11 Coffee

Mid AM Snack/Post Workout Eats
     Grilled Chicken

    Brussel Sprouts

     2 teaspoons of a 7 layer bean dip.  THat was some good dip!

Saturday night was also singles night at church.  I went to the event they had a taco bar.  I limited myself to the chicken and used hte lettuce & tomatos to make myself a salad.  Loaded up on the salsa (I heart Salsa) and then dabble in the bean dip.  It was a good night. I like when I am able to go out and enjoy myself and still eat semi-healthy.  Yah to me for making a decent food choice.

     1 hour of rowing
     Completed 6837 meters which is about 4.24 miles!
      (August 2011 my meters rowed was 3.8 miles)


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