Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend in Review...

Super Bowl Weekend has passed us!  Hope everyone enjoyed it!
Los Angeles weather was fantastic!  It was almost summer all over again!  Saturday for me was domestic day.  Laundry, dishes, cleaning the house and then complete and utter laziness!  I did nothing else, stayed home all day.

Sunday was definately more the social day for me.  Went out to Lucille's BBQ for lunch, hung out with some girl friends cracked up all night it was good!  I even made it out to get some excercie in!  Amazing!  I am trying to work on having balance.  Have my fun and splurges, but still do what I need to do to attain my goals.

Weight Training
  1. Leg Press 180lbs 3 sets of 15
  2. Lat Pull Downs 60lbs 3 sets of 20
  3. Tricep Extensions 60lbs 3 sets of 20
     30 minutes on Treadmill
     1.61 miles completed; 345 calories burned


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