Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey Hey Hey

Its Monday night, and I have been missing in action for a bit!  I ended up not working out as much as I hoped too this past week!  Thursday & Friday I got extremely lazy!  Saturday was the LA's Best Cycling Fundraising event!  I had an awesome time!  I was very impressed with how well organized the event was!  They sent out event pictures today, and I was actually published in some pictures!  I was shocked!
Me @ Cycle for LA's Best

Team Afterschool Spinners
Believe it or not..the event was not as easy as I was expecting. We had 2 instuctors Chelsea & Nick. Nick was hard core! He did not take it easy on us, and neither did Chelsea for that matter! It was fun and a great workout! The Goodie bags were good! Overall a great event...definitely going to look for it next year! 
To shock you...I actually went out later on Saturday and worked out! I did weight training. I have not done any weight training in a while. It was a bit difficult but here was the weight lifting routine.
Leg Press - 4 sets of 15; 190lbs
Back & Side Extensions 3 sets of 12
Latt Pull Downs - 3 sets of 15; 75lbs
Hip Adduction 2 sets of 50; 90lbs
Hip Abduction 4 sets of 25 90lbs

Now question of the day....Why is the abduction so much harder than the adduction? I was dying on those Abductions! I am sore as can be. So I know these beloved muscles of mine got a work out. I need to be more faithful to strength training. It really is one of my favorite things to do! 


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