Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Things I Get Myself Into

I woke up this morning feeling rested.  It was not much of struggle getting up this morning.  Is this the benefit of getting back on my routine?  Must be!  I woke up this morning and started the morning off...JUICING!  It has been a while since I juiced! I like juicing in the morning so I can get all those micro-nutrients in my system while on an empty stomach!  I made my simple juice...nothing complex, just some apples & celery
Apple & Celery Juice
The juice was very refreshing, it did not taste as good as my other apple & celery juices.  I am so used to Gala Apples which are a little bit sweeter, but this time I used good old fashioned, plain jane, red delicious apples!  The taste in teh juice was noticeable different, but still healthy and a nice way to start off my morning!

4am Early Morning Breakfast: Glass of Apple Celery Juice

7:30am Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs w/ Mustard Greens  (such a delicious combination)

Mid Morning Snack:  Watermelon

Lunch:  Chicken, Lentils & Mustard Greens

Afternoon Snack:  Celery Sticks & a Kiwi

Dinner:  Chicken, Rice & Pinto Beans

Today on my workout schedule was my Running Plan....I got on the treadmill and starting my 3 minute Walk/3 minute jog intervals and again my shin splints flared up!  Just like last time it was just in my left leg!  The pain was killing I stopped after 25 minutes!  The pain was too much.

Treadmill Stats: 
     Time: 25:05
     Distance:  1.50 miles

So since my shins were acting up I said, self, let's get on this Precor Machine.  I was not sure what it was, it was near the elliptical machines, but It did not look like a regular elliptical machine! Umm...I don't know why I do this to myself, but that machine was killer!  I punked out after 8 minutes and in those 8 minutes I burned 55 calories according to the machine!  At one point while I was on the machine, I put my hand on the heart rate reader and it said my heart rate was 226!  I know those things are not accurate, but I know my heart rate was way higher than it's used to being!
Blurry..hear rate reading
So this morning I took it upon myself to google the Machine from the gym.  The console just said, Precor 100i.  I could not find any information on it on the Precor website, but it is listed on Amazon as the Precor AMT 100i Adaptive Motion Trainer.  I found a little video on YouTube about it...The machine is a good workout, but very very difficult!  I will have to try to do it again and maybe shoot for 10 minutes!


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