Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random Post

Hiddy Ho there neighbor!
Well its a Saturday morning and I just got back in from doing Laundry!  Exciting stuff I know.  Today is the cycling charity event for LA's Best After School Program.  I have some time to kill before I leave for that so I thought I would give a quick update of the last few days.

2 Carnitas Tacos
Friday...I ate way too  much and didn't excercise!  We had Mexican Food ordered in for lunch!  And then we had Bagels from Panera Bread for Breakfast!  It was a day of Food, Food, and More Food!  We ordered the food from a Mexican Restaurant called Poquita Mas in Westwood.  It was my first time eating there.  The carnitas were excellent!   I made 2 carnitas tacos rice & black beans and of course had some chips w/ guacamole!  I was good eating!  I enjoyed every bit of it! 

Rice & black beans
Thursday was a good food day.  I got lazy, and didn't go work out then either.  But I was struck with tempation in a major way on Thursday.   A lady in the office went out and picked up lunch for herself.  She came back intot hte off ice with a tuna melt & sweet potato french fries!  Those Sweet Potato French Fries Smelled Oh so delicious.  The smell of them made me hungry.  It took everything in me, not to go ask her for some fries!  It was hard sitting at my desk on Thursday, eat my crappy little salad!  I wanted sweet potato french fries! 

Thats all for now, let me go put away my laundry before I get lazy!  Talk to you later!


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