Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Sky Zone Experience

Well folks, I made it out to Sky Indoor Trampoline Park in Gardena for a morning of Sky Zone Aerobics!   How would I describe it? 


The class is an hour long!  The time went by really fast, and my class was full of beginners, so there was alot of the blind leading the blind.  The idea of jumping on a trampoline alway intrigued me, that is why I wanted to try the class.  I did not do alot of the things she asked us to do, I am just not that flexible.  But in addition to jumping on the trampoline, there was push ups, squats, mountain climbers, jump jacks, and so much more...all done on the trampoline! 

My one regret is that I didn't take anyone with me!  I would have loved to get photos of myself on the trampoline for the blog!  I would never in a million years think I would be doing such a thing! 

I was exhausted at one point and made the mistake of looking at the clock.  It was only 14 minutes into the class!  A great workout...everyone says it was fun.  The fun did not kick in for me though.  I openly admit, I was scared to do alot of things.  I was so afraid to fall!  I think I could have gotten a whole lot more out of hte class if I had just let loose, and not been so fearful.  But Fret not...I will try again! 

Overall a great experience, and if there is a Sky Zone Trampoline Park in your area, give it a try!  Your first class is Free!

Here is a few shots of the inside of Sky Zone in Torrance.  My bad...I did not get a shot of the trampolines!  I will do better next time!

Inside of Sky Zone...sorry it's blurry
Inside of Sky Zone
Well this will probably be it from me for the weekend.  Gonna take a shower and hit Macys and see what else I can get into today.  Have a great Weekend!


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