Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Riding Over Hump Day!

I am gonna start this post off about talking about my Spin Class!  Frankie is out for 2 weeks so we had a sub.  His name was Carlos.  Carlos Carlos Carlos.  The class started and I noticed Carlos was not suiting up to get on a bike.  So I was like okay, Carlos is "one of those teachers"  I have had always had a personal issue with spin teachers that don't ride while teaching.  As of today...I no longer have an issue.  Carlos has broken the mold! 

I felt like I was in a personal one-on-one spin class.  The Wednesday 3:30p class is rarerly full.  Today there was only 6 or 7 of us.  So while Carlos was walking the room, he spent time with each of us give us pointers and pushing us to the limits!  Carlos did somethings today that no other spin instructor has ever done to me before:
  1. He turned the tension up on my bike!
  2. He kept telling me add more tension!
  3. He said you can do this, just work with me! 
So after todays Class with Carlos, I realize I have not been working to my full potentional in spin class!  For our 45 minutes of class, we did internval training, endurance training and one other thing, I can't remember.  Carlos also explained the purpose and goals of each training type.  He told us he is all about heart rate, and encourage use to get a heart rate monitor.  This is something i have been wanting to do, I guess I shall look into it.  Carlos did an excellent job today..I am sitting here, watching Criminal Minds, and I promise you this is the first time my legs are sore from spin class! 

I pledge from this day forth, to put forth more of an effort in spin class!

Scrambled eggs & tomato.  A breakfast favorite
Breakfast:   I returned to an old favorite:  scrambled eggs & tomatoes!  White Chocolate Latte

Mid AM Snack:  Grapefruit

Lunch:  Salad

Dinner:  Baked Cod & Mixed Vegetables

After Dinner snack:  Cranberry juice & an apple


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