Monday, November 1, 2010

Weigh In Day Results: I have no one to blame but self!

Okay...another weight gain week.  But I expected that.  No excercise & crazy eating is a guaranteed way to gain weight!  Gain 3 pounds over these last 2 weeks.  But at least its only 3 pounds its a manageable number. 

Recap of Results:
Weight Lost Summary
     Starting Weight (7/28/10):  377
     Weigh in date (8/9/10):  361
     Weigh in date (8/25/10):  363
     Weigh in date (9/6/10): 355

     Weigh in date (9/20/10): 365
     Weigh in date (10/4/10):  359
     Weigh in date (10/18/10): 353
     Weigh in date (11/1/10):  356
Net weight loss to date:  21 pounds!!! 

Next Weigh in:  Monday November 15th!  See ya there!


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