Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Recap

I got in late Friday night so doing my blog was the furthest thing from my mind.

The morning started off bad.  I went to leave to go to work and my car would not come out of park.  I have had this problem with the car before, but now it seems like it has started doing it again.   So i ended up staying at home and working from home.   Since I was home, I was able to get my new possessions from my neighbor.  He is moving and has given me bar stools and a corner shelf!  So I took possession of those today.  I need to dust and clean them, but I love em!  Then I had plans for a dinner & movie with Gwen, who is leaving Cali to move to AZ.  So this was our farewall event!  The bad morning didn't last long, Friday was actually a very very good day.

     1/2 Omellette (Cheese, mushroom, spinach)
     2 pancakes w/ syrup & butter

     Chile Limon Chips

     the other 1/2 of the omelette
     1 slice of wheat toast

     3 Mozarella Sticks

     3 Tacos
      chips & salsa

Not the greatest eating day, but I slowly have to cut of my bad eating.  I did not work out at all on Friday!  I should have taken advantage of being at home and at least walked in my neighborhood.  But I didn't.  I am happy and surprised to report, that I am sore from Thursday evenings spin class!  Ron did push us Thursday and I feel it!  I heart spinning!



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