Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another rainy & wet day...

The rain is still coming down in California.  I wish it would stop.  I miss being outside and taking walks.  But I must keep on moving so I have to make my way to the gym.   It has been cold since it has been raining.  And I really have little to no "winter" clothes.  So this morning I try to squeeze (literally) into a purple long sleeved blouse I have.  It was not a pretty picture.  I got to work sat down and looked down, and much to my surprise..I was a hot mess!  A serious hot mess!  See for yourself!

After-workout Breakfast
     Atkins Vanilla Protein Shake
     1 chicken Drumstick

At Work Breakfast
     White Chocolate latte

     2 Bananas

     Salad with Italian Dressing

     Atkins Banana Protein Shake
Total Calories for the day  1519

     30 minute on Treadmill Aerobic Conditioning Track (walk jog intervals) 368.6 calories burned.
     This felt alot easier than Tuesdays workout.  Good to know I was able to get back to the swing of things quickly.

Night all!



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