Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This will be a quick post..I did not work out today.  I was storming really bad outside today so I stayed in.  There was really bad lightening and thunder.  I was really annoyed, irritated and frustrated today. So you know what that means....I ATE ALOT!   So today was not a good eating day, and with no excercise, it was a really really bad day.

    Scrambled egss with mushrooms & Spinach
    Whole Wheat Rounds

Lunch(Jack in the Box)
    Grilled Pastrami sandwich
    French Fries
    **this was sucha  disappiontment.  It looks so good pictured, but it did not meet my standards, and I normally love pastrami.

     Spicy Chicken Sandwich
     French Fries

I don't even dare look up the calories for that Jack in the Box Sandwich or hte Spicy Chicken Sandwich, I just know its high.  I probably ate about 3,000 calories today!  Ridiculus.  I was going to go workout tonight, but I am going to try a new class in the morning.  Indoor rowing the class starts @ 6am so I guess today will be a rest day and I will start tomorrow morning off with a new routine.  I'll let you know how Indoor rowing turns out.

I need help with learning how to deal with people.  Why is it that church folks are the hardest people to deal with? Why are we so set in our ways?  Why are we so darn impatient, prideful and vengeful.  I don't understand! 



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