Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

Recap of Saturday Oct 16.

I was extremely exhausted Saturday morning I did not get out of bed until 11am.  My legs were sore from the leg presses, and the soles of my feet hurt from standing so long.  I did not work out, so I don't have much to report.  Ran around did my errands and grocery shopping and that was all I did on Saturday.

So here is the eats for the day:
     Breakfast (eaten @ like 12:30p)
          Foot Long Spicy Italian Sandwich from Subway
          Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos
          20 oz Dr. Pepper

          20 ounce bottle of Pepsi

          Atkins Vanilla Protein Shake

And that was it.  Kinda boring I know, but I guess its better than me overeating!  Talk to you later!



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