Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wiping the Slate Clean....

Hello all real and imaginary blog readers!
Today October 27th I wipe the slate clean!  I got an email from a friend asking to help them out of a rut.  In my attempt to help them out of there rut, it made me do some self examination.  I was in a rut myself!  She helped me out of my rut!  I don't know if I did much for her, but I think in our own ways, we help each other!

So today I am back on my regimen.  I have been going "rogue" for the last 8 days.  My last workout workout Wednesday October 20th and I have been eating like it's 1999!  I don't know what that means, but if people can party like it's 1999, I can eat like it's 1999!  Today we are being to turn..and return to doing what I know I should be doing.  Today was not a perfect eating day, but an improvement from where I was yesterday and over the last 7 days.  So here we go:

    Scrambled eggs w/ 1/4 cup spinach
     Whole Wheat Rounds
     Pumpkin Latte

     Small bag of Cheetos (stress/comfort food)

     Baked chicken
     Red Cabbage salad

    Another bag of Cheetos (still stress/comfort food)

     4oz baked chicken
     1cup cooked Spinach
     1cup Zuchini

Evening Workout
     60 minutes of Spin Class
     Going to Spin Class after not working out for 8 days = REALLY BAD IDEA!
     I did enjoy this instructor though...Ron gets 2 thumbs up from me! Unfortunately he was subsititue teacher.  He said he normally teaches at the gym in Compton, so I will have to check out the class schedule over there!

Major accomplishment for the day:  NO SODA!!! 
Thanks all folks!



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