Monday, October 18, 2010

An Enjoyable Sunday

Started the morning off with a little cardio.  This was the first time being on the treadmill that I sweat so much I had sweat all over the treadmill console and on the ground!  It was a bit hard this morning but I wanted to push myself.

Sunday October 17 Recap
AM Workout
     30 min Treadmill - Aerobic 1 setting (this has inclines)
     3 min walk/2 min jog intervals 364.8 calories burned.
**Thinking:  On Friday I did 30 minute intervals also, on flat course and burned 334calories. I would have thought I would burn more than 30 extra calories with the inclines.  Hmmm.  Maybe the slower spend affected that.  Oh well!

     Atkins Vanilla Shake
     Whole Wheat Rounds

Lunch - ate @ Red Lobster
     Snapper Fillet, Broccoli, 2 portions of wild rice, Sprite, and 2 biscuits

Late night snack - Taco Bell. 
     Steak Quesadilla
     Crunchy Taco
     Root Beer

Saw the movie RED  and it was really good. I enjoyed it.  I recommend it...2 thumbs up!

Okay so I am going to change my clothes and head to the gym to weigh in.  I will be back later to post the results!  Stay tuned!




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