Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Try at Indoor Rowing...Completed!

Being on vacation surely has gotten me off of my blogging routine.  Here is a recap of Wednesday October 20th!

AM Workout
     1hour Indoor Rowing

Pre Workout Eats
     Whole Wheat Round

After Workout Eat
      Pumpkin Latte

     Wings, I forgot the flavor
      Chinese chicken salad from the Feast of the East!

No Dinner:  I really was not hungry.  Eating did not even come to mind.

So Wednesday I ventured out to a new class I heard about on the internet.  It is called indoor rowing.  The class is in Long Beach and I got a coupon that my first class was free so I really had nothing to lose.  I got to the class Wednesday morning its in a warehouse.  I guess the owner of the gym owns this warehouse where he also stores his boats!  I was a little caught off gaurd by that, but hey whatever works for you.  There was about 15 rowers and a section with maybe 10 spin bikes, some free weights and some balance balls.  Nothing to extravagant, just the bare essentials.  My teachers name was Genevieve and before the class started she gave me the "how-to's of rowing. I made it throught he class.  I thought it was a bit boring, she had us rowing slowly.  In my opinion, I think it could have been more enjoyable if we were rowing faster!  Now that its the day after the rowing class..I see that it really is a work out.  I am extremely sore! 
So check out if there is a indoor rowing facility near you, it's really not a bad deal.  Here is the website to the place I went.
Video of indoor rowing



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