Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 "Healthy" Foods that are making you fat

Sigh...every time I see these videos or even read articles about so called "healthy" foods that are making people fat, it kinda upsets me.  Why?  Because as a consumer we are lied to so much!  One thing I have learned, yet sometimes I forgot, is that food manufacturers and heck even the darn FDA is all about the mighty dollar.  They will say anything to the consumer if they think it will help them make more money! 

As a consumer we have to read labels, cause as this article & video points out, alot of these things have been introduced to us as "healther" options and subsitutions which in fact they are just as bad as they thing we are replacing it with.   Man, it is very very important that we READ LABELS & DO OUR OWN RESEARCH about food!



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