Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday...June 16th

Howdy Partners. Well after yesterdays extreme dieting and excessive water drinking.  I woke up thirsty?  Huh?  How could that be. Believe it or I down 32 ounces of water before even leaving the house.  My mouth and lips still dry...I need Chapstick!  Well today I have dinner plans with a friend at the new BJ's they opened in Century City.  So that was on the forefront of my mind all day. So I watched what I ate all day so I can still enjoy myself at BJs tonight.

     9 Cheez It Crackers
    1 cup of Black Coffee
          ***I am not a black coffee drinker, this was extremely hard to get down.  But Black Coffee has very little calories in it, and if I stay away from teh sugar & cream.  I could save a lot of calories vs my normal 450 calorie coffee drink from Coffee Bean every morning.  So What I am trying to say is, I am going to make myself fall in love with black coffee!

     Baked Chicken breast
     Shredded Lettuce
     1 teaspoon of salsa
     4 strawberries

So at about 2:30 my friend called and her asthma attacks started flaring up. So we cancelled our BJs outing.  So I left work and went to go get my eyebrows down.  Homegirl did a good job.  Anywho...I veered off the topic.

     Spinach & Chicken

Late Night Snack (while watching CSI)
     Vanilla Ice Cream

Water Intake for the Day: 161 ounces

Thats all folks!




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