Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday June 14th Recap...

Wow.  I crashed out last night withought getting to update my blog.  It happens, and rather often actually.  So I am come to you to live from cubicle at Deutsche Bank as I sip a cup of my Yogi Berry Detox Tea.  {applause & cheering}

I want to thatnk you all for joining me today to get a recap on what happened yesterday.  So let's get it at shall we?

     Sausage & Egg McMuffin
     White Chocolate Lattee

AM Snack
     2 Hard boiled Eggs

     Salad w/ chicken & Bragg vinagrette dressing
Total Calories for the day:  1318

I was so excited yesterday.  It was furniture delivery day!  Hooray.  My bedroom furntiure has arrived! I am so excited.  Sadly enough I had so much to do yesterday that I did not get a chance to take pictures or even put any of my clothes in it.  So stay tuned for that.!  But the set looks nice.  I like it!  That's all I have for you.


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