Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday June 8th Recap & Beef Jerky Product Review

Howdy I am updating my blogg and eating dinner at the same.  I sat here for a minute trying to think of something catchy for my Blog Title, and as you can see nothing creative came to me, so we are stuck with Wednesday June 8th Recap as my title.

Overall not a bad day.  I was feeling kind sluggish and tired today, but that may be because I did not fill myself with crap today.  Food wise, not a great day, but a vast improvement from my current norm.

     White Chocolate Latte

     Didn't even think about eating I was so busy at work

     Cobb Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing

     Beek Jerky (its not as bad as you think)
     1 can of coke

     Cobb Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing
Total Calories for the day 1,649
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Today after work, I went to Sprouts Farmer's Market.  I really love that place.  Stocked up on my fresh Spinach, Organic Salad Dressing, Apples, Cantaloupe, Grapefruits, and Beef Jerky! So what's the story behind the Beef Jerky?  Well I read an article called "Junk Food That's Good For you"  I won't paste the whole article, but here is what it said about Beef Jerky:

Beef Jerky

Why you think it's bad: It's unhealthy meat that's loaded with preservatives.

Why it's not: Beef jerky is high in protein and doesn't raise your level of insulin—a hormone that signals your body to store fat. That makes it an ideal between-meals snack, especially when you're trying to lose weight. And while some beef-jerky brands are packed with high-sodium ingredients, such as MSG and sodium nitrate, chemical-free products are available. If you have high blood pressure, check the label for brands that are made from all-natural ingredients, which reduce the total sodium content.

Eat this: Gourmet Natural Beef Jerky (available at It has no preservatives and is made from lean, grass-fed beef. Research shows that, unlike grain-fed products, grass-fed beef contains the same healthy omega-3 fats found in fish.

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So while I was at Sprouts I did find some organic natural beef jerkey and bought a pack and sampled it. 

Product Recommendation:  Farmer's Market Organic Cherry & Apple Wood Smoked Beef Jerky 
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So here we are reviewing beef Jerky!  Whoot Whoot!  Well the package is 3 ounces and it cost $5.99 at Sprouts.  To me, expensive in  price, but I can always shop around to see if I can find something cheaper.  I get in the car and opened the package, yea, I didn't wait to get home.  I grabbed a piece and in my big mouth it went!  {Enter long pause here to build the suspense}  It was the best tasting Jerky I have ever eaten in my life!  I feel like Slim Jims jipped us on how wonderful beef jerky could really taste!  This was a delightful snack!  And like hte article said, the nutritional information was really not that bad.  The only red flag was the sodium content, but I think this could be a nice little snack once in a while.

I do have one bad thing to say about the jerky:  It was a bit tough.  Which I know jerky is kinda supposed to be, but I remember thinking in the car, man this is tough.  You really had to chew it, which in actually in the long run may help me eat less?  Who knows! 

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