Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Product Recommendation: Yogi Berry DeTox Tea

Here it is my first official write up on a product that I enjoy, 

Yogi: Berry Detox Tea
Product Information website: Yogi Teas
Take a minute to click the link above to read what Yogi says about the tea.

I will start my review off by saying, I am by no means a regular tea drinker.  I actually consider myself a hater of hot tea.  I got motivated one day to try this tea, which I purchased From Lindberg Nutrition here in Southern California.

The first cup of tea I made, the tea tasted fine, it was something I could definately drink, there was no horrible taste.  My personal preference with this tea, was to squeeze some fresh lemon juice & sweeten with a little agave nectar, but even with out this the tea tastes fine.  The first cup of tea I made, I drank it at night, maybe an hour before going to bed.  When I woke up the following morning, I had to had straight to the restroom for a "RELEASE"!  You catch my drift!  I remember thinking wow, that worked fast!  The actual "release" was rather plentiful and came out with ease.  After I released, I just had an empty feeling internallly.  There was no bloating or constipated feeling.  I really felt like a great amount of waste was removed.  I drank another cup of tea that morning and went to work.  By the time, I got to work, I was heading for the restroom for another "Release".  Again, easy passage, no bloated or constipated feeling.  But after the second release, I felt lighter.   So it works, it tastes good, and you feel good after the waste is removed. 

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