Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers...Tuesday (June 28)

Well Well!  Tuesday finally is here!  Well AMC had sent out an email that they are doing an early release of transformers on Tuesday.  So of course I had to make my way there to see it!  It was a late showing, we did not get out until midnight.  So before I get into the eats for the days, lets's get the transformers review.   The movie is Awesome.  A little slow in the beginning, but It was so so so good.  I am concerned that the way they ended up the movie, there may be no more Transformers after this one.  Which makes me kinda sad.  But only time will tell!

Okay to the boring stuff:

     Broccolli & Chicken

Mid Afternoon Snack

     Broccoli & Chicken

Workout:  Cardio 30 minutes


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