Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to Face the Music

Howdy Partners,

I know I posted last week that I was getting back on track with dieting & excercise, but damn its been a rough road back to the start line.  Today after I got off of work I went and bought a scale.  Sigh.

As much as I dread getting on the scale I need to track my progress regardless of what direction the progress is moving.  I got home and got on the scale..and Oh my Word.  Not a pretty number starting back at me.  Wowzers. 

I will weigh myself first thing tomorrow morning and update my "Weigh In" log.

On another note.  Pictures from the Arthritis Walk this past Saturday have been posted.  These are candid shots taken at the event, so I really had no idea they were taken.   All it takes is a few shots of yourself from an unflattering angle to light the fire under my tale!  Pictures have been added to the phot journal, but here is one of them.

OMG Becky...Look at her butt!
Muffin top, Muffin Top, Muffin Top!



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