Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday Recap

Howdy, Feel asleep last night before I update my events for the day.  Looking back on yesterday, I had an awesome day!  I have to get deep here for a minute, so as most Church Folks would say, Imma take a short Personal Praise Break! :0)

Yesterday I had on my schedule to go to Spin Class & to walk/jog for 30 minutes.  Thursdays I love going to spin class because I really love the instructor.  I got home, was supposed to change and go spin, but that did not happen.  I honestly sat on the floor in the living room, and seriously got caught up songs/videos on Youtube!  I have many many playlists set up on Youtube, but yesterday some of those songs, just pierced me.  I was in tears, rejoicing and praising from the living room floor.  It is very very much out of my character be screaming, and stuff but I was there yesterday!  I even woke up this morning singing one of the songs from last night, so I must share.  I honestly don't know who really wrote or even sings the song, but I do remember first hearing it on Pandora, so here is the Youtube version, I love this song!

Okay the praise break is over!  Now yesterday..a pretty decent eating day.

Breakfast: Coffee

Mid Am snack:  1/2 Grapefruit

Lunch:  Mahi Mahi Filet w/ steamed spnach & the other 1/2 of my grapefruit

Mid Afternoon Munchies:  Blueberries (they are so yummy & so addicting!)

Dinner:  None...I was honestly not hungry! 

Workout:  None


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