Monday, January 30, 2012

Walking: Excercise & Mode of Transportation!

Well gang, I have a few minutes while dinner is in the oven.  So before I get to eating and ironing, and cleaning up, I said, lets hit the blog!

Today did not start off so good.  My car was not working. The gear shift is stuck again.  I started yesterday with this again.  Sunday night I had already made up my mind if the car did not work this morning, I would just walk to the bus stop and catch the bus into work.  So low and behold...4:30am I am in the car, started it, and it would not come out of park. So off I went to the bus stop.  So we all know when life gives you lemons to make lemonade, well when your car gives you non-operation you make it excercise! 

The trip from my house to the bus stop is about a mile and a half.  Not a bad walk, the weather was decent and like I said...why pass up the opportunity to get some cardio in! 

So I'll start the day off with my walking workout

     Cup of coffee

Mid AM Snack

     Salad (spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, cilantro & pico de gallo)

Mid Afternoon Snack
     Sunflower seeds (I should not be eating these)

     CHicken Breast
     Sauteed Spinach

Well that is all, dinner should be ready in a few.  Not much planned or the night, other than ironing and washing my hair!  Talk to you later!


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