Saturday, January 14, 2012

Optimistically Shopping...

I have been searching the internet high and low since starting my diet, for things I would love to wear as I continue to lose weight.  I openly admit, that I have a long list of items, and website links of items I want to buy.  Well on Friday, I made a big leap and bought one of them.

I am borderline cheap.  I have been waiting a denim skirt for many many years.  I had severals years back, but I gave them all away, and I have been having seperation anxiety ever since.  There is a denim skirt at Nordstroms, that I want...but...It is $85.  Which for a bit high.  I normally wouldnt spend that kind of money on 1 clothing item, but guess what I did!  Thanks to the help of my friend Sharon.  She had gotten a Nordstroms gift card for Christmas, and she gave it to me!  Yah!  I honestly don't think I would have bought the skirt if it weren't for the gift card!

Can't save a picture of the skirt from Nordstroms, so here is the link:

Are you wondering where the optimistic shopping part comes in?  Get ready...I ordered the skirt in a size 18!  I am in no way a size 18.  Right now I am in a size 22, but I compared the size chart at Nordstroms with the charts at JcPenney, Lane Bryant, and Avenue...and I would have probably needed a size 20.  Hey, I have a couple of months until summer rolls in...I can drop a skirt size in a couple of months!  Let's git her done!  LOL!


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