Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday & Saturday Recap

Well so far the weekend is not a good!  But I just thought I would drop in and give a quick account of my "badness"

Friday Eats:
     Breakfast:  McDonalds Egg McMuffin, hashbrown, OJ
     Lunch:  Baja Fresh Ultimate Burrito
     Dinner:  Lemon Pepper Wings from Wingstop

Saturday Eats:
     Breakfast:  Pumpkin Latte & cherry Turnover
     Lunch:  Chicken Quesadilla, 1 taco, mountain Dew
     Dinner:  Deli Trio Sandwich, french Fries, Sprite

Sigh...and to top it all off no excercising happened so far.  I really hope to get in the gym today after church and getting my hair did!  LOL! 
Tomorrow is weigh-in monday so I have much to be concerned about.  Time to pray for a miracle!

Fit for Purpose


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