Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot at as Hell!

I want to start this post off by saying as hot as hell!

Well the day started off good.  Quanity wise my eating was not bad.  But as I plugged everything into my journal and saw the nutritional value on was not a good eat day.   Due to my laziness I did not go grocery shopping, I have veered off unto the wide road of destruction with my food choices!  Not to worry my friends, Payday is almost here, and I will be stocking up on all my healthy must-haves for a successful journey!

    Whole Wheat Rounds
     Hot Chocolate

     Baked Pita Chips

     Salad w/  Balsamic Vinagriatte w/ 1 teaspoon of ground flax seed

Dinner (this is where I got really hot, cause I was home)
      2 7/11 hot dogs

Late night snack (cause I am still frickin' hot)
     Vanilla Milk Shake from Jack in the Box!
Total Calories for the day...Alot!  Without the Vanilla Shake I am already at 1780 calories!  Those Hot  Dogs were a killer they were 485 calories a piece!  I had no idea a hot dog was so high in calories!
I know I should go workout but its so hot!  Have I mentioned the 24-hour Fitness in Lakewood has no A/C?  Excercising increases your body temperature so I don't think working out right now is a good idea!  It is after 10:00pm and its still 86 degrees outside! Wowzers!

That's all I got!  See ya on the flip side!



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